the seventh



As a 40th birthday present, Jake remodeled his studio in tribute to the pixel games he loved so much. He lined the walls with IKEA’s Kallax bookshelves. He found a German oven company that manufactured square cooktops. He custom-built cabinets for the kitchen. Everything from the light fixtures to the cocktail napkins fit the theme.


Most women didn’t seem to get it.


Julie, though, called herself “a self-professed SNES nut” when they met online. After a couple good dates at 1UP, Jake decided to invite her over, with a warning about his preoccupation. He’d line up some classic games, and she would bring the food.


At the door, Julie said, “I brought pizza.” Her eyes twinkled as she opened the box. “Custom cut,” she said. It was sliced into squares.


That night, he gave her his heart.


Kristina T. Saccone crafts flash fiction and creative nonfiction in the hours between logging off from work and wrangling her young son. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Dwelling Literary, Emerge Literary Journal, Flash Frog, The Minison Project, Nightingale and Sparrow, and Unearthed. You can find her on Twitter at @kristinasaccone or haunting small independent bookstores in the Washington, DC, area.

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