the fourth



i walk to the water

stare down the sky until it fades pink, red, gray tinted by city lights 

skyline, rustling waves, gentle

i press the button for the crosswalk and a voice says wait 


we laugh in the backyard over drinks

sit too far apart on the sofa and tap knees under the table 

hugs, two rounds, in the doorway

i turn the key in the ignition and a voice says wait


we live on the internet 

wish goodnight across the mountains and across the lakes

every evening, screens, smiles

the connection is blurry and the days say wait 


you make coffee

bring cream to the bedroom so i can pour it myself  

warm blankets, sunbeams, mugs

our voices say I love you and this is the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me


Maggie Petrella (she/her) is a poet based in Buffalo, New York. She has been making noise for 25 years but is still finding her voice. Her poetry has appeared in Detritus Online, dreams walking, The Daily Drunk Mag, and Back Patio Press. She tweets @maggie_425.

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