the twenty-eighth



It wasn’t the kind of brush with the supernatural any of them expected.

Then again, what about the weekend had met expectations? Their group arrived to find the AirBNB outdated, not like what was advertised, cramped and poorly furnished.

A storm was brewing, so they would have to hold off on exploring the woods and lake. Instead, they unpacked and gathered around the clunky CRT television to play a classic game of Pac-Man, the only cartridge in the basket beside the dusty Nintendo system.

That was until the power went out.

“Let’s have a séance,” someone said.

Why not? In the dark, with candles, it seemed like fun.

Until they summoned the ghosts.

First came the beeps and flashes, and there they were — Pac-Man’s pursuers — Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, summoned straight out of the video game.

Yes…even the hauntings failed to meet expectations.


Dylan Roche is a full-time writer based in Annapolis, Maryland. When he’s not busting out words as a journalist, novelist, blogger, playwright, or copywriter, he can usually be found going for long-distance runs or wrangling his dog, Tyrion the corgi. His first novel, The Purple Bird (YA fantasy), debuted in 2019. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @DylanIsWriting or visit him online at

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