the twenty-sixth

Of the Same Name - Love Story of A Bridesmaid


All were dressed just the same, six of them, you know

Yet his eyes stayed when he looked at her

The Garden Café brimming with people

Gathered to celebrate love


She turned around and saw him smiling

He knew her secret very well and bowed his head as she passed

Somewhere a glass chandelier swung, she knew it for her heart   


Guests seated, the groom walked and later the bride arrived

They looked at the wedding rings, heard the vows loud and clear

Their floating words immediately sought her heart


They were pronounced husband and wife

She, the bridesmaid and he, the best man

Call me by your name, she whispered to him

I’m he and he is me    

Soft music followed.


Anisha Kaul is a poet with Masters in English Literature. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in Southchild Lit, Splintered Disorder Press, Dwelling Literary, From the Farther Trees, Briefly Zine, Ink Drinkers Poetry, The Indian Feminist Review, Fahmidan Journal, Glitchwords, Kingz Daily, The Minison Project, Beir Bua Journal, Small Leaf Press, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, and Visual Verse, among others. She also loves to write about herself in third person. You can reach out to her on twitter @anishakaul9.

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