Beyond the ash of sky and cloud

stands a young volcano, 

or perhaps a castle

shrouded by the fog. 

Crooked palm trees pepper the sandy edges

and the ocean laps up all broken shells and pottery

to clean them 

and wax them smooth as treasures for the future.  

Segments of sea glass wash ashore shaded aqua and azure,

the ocean’s mark on the shards eager to jump 

and fall 

to the water’s embrace.


Bloom and greenery overwhelm 

the architecture of nature,

lining every inch

with flowered hope and the plumage of flighty bird.

Jade quail explore from above, 

tracing the ink of a lightly treaded path

on adventure for their choice of fruit,

bronze and bejeweled in the moonlight.


The variety of trees creates 

a found forest:

oak and birch, 

redwood and spruce 

existing separate from the tropics.

Joy of peace is inscribed upon every inch of the terrain:

the quiet 

of bird chirps and wave crashes,

universe contained to this cozy mass of earth

thriving on its own.


Clouds float atop this mystic sanctuary,

swirls of tranquil vapor lollipops 

that play tag with sun rays

until twilight,

vanishing to mist as stars crack the sky ajar,

full of galaxy, abyss, and twinkling topaz.

So soothing is this tiny land 

full of harmony and warmth,

that to occupy its grounds is to grow onward,


and comfortably 




Emily Hizny is a Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing double major at Susquehanna University, lurking around Twitter as @OctoEmily. Her work is featured in SU's Summer Writers Workshop Anthology as well as the upcoming edition of SU's literary magazine RiverCraft. In her free time you can find her sewing, playing video games, and being a part-time octopus.