the second



Suddenly it's bright, I take in my surroundings. That gorilla sits up on the top of the partially constructed Empire building with the woman I love (I know I love her because when I move near her, hearts appear), I must save her! I begin my climb up the building, when a barrel comes my way; I would jump, but I'm halted by a sense of déjà vu. There's no way something as specific as this happened more than once in my life... what life? Did I have a life? I'm a carpenter right? I think I'm a carpenter, don't remember any training... anything outside of this situation really, who even is that woman? Who's the-


The barrel collides with me and I feel my life drain, I fall back, a halo hovers above my head as it all goes dark. I wish I knew what was going on.



Suddenly it's bright, I take in my surroundings. S


Callum Phillpott is a writer who tends to write Science Fiction of the Doctor Who related variety. If he were known at all, it is either for writing “Base Named Solace 5” for the free “How to Survive Winter” anthology, or being a writer on an upcoming Chris Cwej book. He can be found on Twitter @MarvelousMop.

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