the fifteenth

Whole Latte Love


Every Saturday morning, I get a vanilla latte at Java Joint. Then I find a seat and wait for Chris. Spotting him’s easy because he always wears his 2015 World Champion Royals hat, the bright-blue one that matches his eyes (and also some of his flannel shirts). Chris isn’t into fancy coffees. He prefers a small cup of regular with plenty of refills. His favorite seat’s the one next to the free newspapers. Sometimes he reads them; other times he just stares out the window. Actually, I don’t know if his name’s Chris. We’ve never spoken. But someday we will. 


Lori Cramer’s short prose has appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, (mac)ro(mic), MoonPark Review, and Thimble Literary Magazine, among others. Her story “Scars” (Fictive Dream, February 2018) was nominated for Best Microfiction 2019. Links to her writing can be found at Twitter: @LCramer29. 

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