the fifteenth



"What I’ve Always Wanted"


When I was a kid, Gengar was my favorite Pokemon. 


I spent countless summer days sitting on the terrace, searching for one but to no avail.


A few months later I sat slack-jawed in an internet cafe when I finally learned the only way to get a Gengar: trade with another player. 


No one I knew owned a GameBoy. Mine was a gift from my uncle who lived in the States.




It is a decade later in the States that I load up Pokemon on my computer. A menu here, a command there, and the game bends to my will. I can have anything and everything that I’ve ever wanted.


And yet I find myself searching old suitcases for my game instead.


Viral Shanker is currently pursuing his master's in applied mathematics. He spends his free time playing games, working on data science projects, reading, and writing.   

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