There’s no light save for the fireflies. We are barefoot in the garden on dry, patchy grass. The breeze rustles in the olive trees along the driveway. So deep in the country, I hear nothing but your breaths and the buzz of the tiny flying lanterns. Above us, Orion, Venus, and the Dog Star wink. I wish Orion was Cupid – to shoot you in the heart. You hover on my periphery, I can only sense your direction from the crunch of vegetation beneath your toes. And I stand still, waiting for you to breach the distance, zero in on my lips, to set us aglow. 







Bayveen O'Connell has words in Fractured Lit, Janus Literary, Bending Genres, The Forge Lit, Splonk, the 2021 Micro Madness National Flash Fiction Day NZ, the 2020 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology, 2019 & 2020 National Flash Fiction Day Flood, and others. She came third in the Janus Literary Spring Story Prize 2021, and received a Best Microfiction nomination in 2019. She lives in Dublin and is inspired by myth, history and folklore.